Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I don't know how to play Omaha, will you teach me how to play?

A: Yes!  Don't worry we will teach you how to play the game like a PRO!  You will go from beginner to EXPERT raking in huge pots in a very short period of time!


Q: Do you really win everyday you play Omaha?

A: Nobody wins everyday, and if they say they do then they are outright LIEING to you.  However, I haven't had a losing MONTH in close to 3 years now.  I have stuck to my plan and it has definitely worked out for me.


Q: Is omaha illegal in the USA now? Will I get arrested if I play online?

A: No, the government has taken steps against the payment processors, but never the players.  To this day, there has never been an online omaha player arrested by the government.  Neteller was the only payment processor that experienced problems with the government yet they were still able to pay all their customers. 


Q: Isn't a lot of luck involved in omaha?  What happens when I follow my plan, push hard on the flop with the nuts, but get sucked out on?

A: This is what omaha players call variance. It happens to all of us, but if you stick to your game plan in the end you will be the overall winner.  We will teach you how to play winning omaha that will keep you winning month after month.  In the end poker is 75% skill and 25% luck.  Omaha isn't the lottery we are playing here, this is a SKILL game.


Q: Which site do you recommend I play on?  Who gives the best bonus's?

A:  While there are many poker sites to play on, there are only a couple we recommend playing on due to their stability and track record.  The best is Full Tilt Poker.  If you haven't signed up yet, be sure to sign up through the link above to receive the 100% bonus on your deposit we have worked out with Full Tilt Poker for our players only. There are bad apples out there, so make sure you follow this chapter closely.


Q: Will this information work with any poker room such as Pokerstars or just Full Tilt?

A: This information will work with ANY online poker room.  While we only recommend playing on Full Tilt or PokerStars, this information will work with other omaha rooms.


Q: I have been playing omaha a long time, what can your guide really teach me?

A:  My omaha guide can turn you into a better player.  I will teach you how to examine all parts of your game and figure out where you are weak.  I have helped beginners to professionals.  By following my Sit-N-Go Guide I guarantee you will turn into a better, more disciplined player that will win an actually hourly rate playing.


Q: I need a omaha coach, can I hire you?

A: Sure, I have coached beginners and professionals.  I promise after a couple hours with me you will be a much better all around player.


Q: What exactly do I get by purchasing this package?  Is this your latest book and package?

A: You will receive my award winning Omaha Dominator Strategy!  I've put a LOT of work and effort into this new omaha guide and I'm very proud to finally release it.