Curious on how do you play omaha and win big pots?   Are you sick and tired of losing night after night playing the same old boring Texas Holdem game?  Are you ready to really learn how to play omaha and win massive pots playing pot limit Omaha online and in person?  If you are serious about making some serious money online and in person then you should focus on how to play omaha with the best odds!  Omaha is now the new "Texas Holdem", and with a proven and unique omaha strategy you can start dominating your competition today!

"Professional Pot Limit Omaha Player Exposes His

Amazing and Proven Omaha Strategies and

Secrets to Scoop In HUGE Pots Night after Night"


by Sean Moronse

"Professional Omaha Player and Author"


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If you are finally ready to start profiting from your long hours at the Omaha Poker table, then I urge you to listen to what I have to say.  In the past 10 years I have taught myself how to become a winning pot limit Omaha player using a system that only plays the best omaha hands. 

You are currently making mistakes at the table that are costing you money.  I will teach you how to fix them using my proven methods!



Dear Aspiring Omaha Professional,

I understand how playing Omaha can feel.  On the flop you can flop the complete nuts, but lose the hand on the turn and river.  Are you sick and tired of losing your bankroll online week after week? What if I told you I could teach you how to turn yourself into a pot limit omaha playing machine that dominates 95% of your games?  It's possible my friend, I will teach you my exact system that I use to profit from online omaha games night after night.

Don't know how to play Omaha?

Don't worry we will teach you how to play the game like a PRO!  You will go from beginner to EXPERT raking in huge pots in a very short period of time!

With my brand new Omaha Dominator Guide I will teach you how to win huge pots night after night and day after day!

I've done it all, from PLO, PLO high/low, MTT's, Sit-N-Go's, and Cash Games.  The quickest way to make an enormous amount of money online is using my omaha dominator strategy!  It's fool proof!

My years and years of playing experience and the ability for me to make a living off playing omaha online, has allowed me to create this easy to follow Omaha Dominator strategy!  I literally studied every course material and have logged years of playing experience, which has helped me totally dominate my omaha competition.  It has paid off BIG TIME!

Here are the types of pots you can expect to scoop daily:

In these few hands I won close to $500 in a matter of minutes, you can win like this EVERY night if you learn the Omaha Dominator Strategy!


How Can You Take Down Pots Like This Daily?

  • I found all the leaks in my Omaha game and repaired them immediately

  • I was honest with myself

  • I knew when I was beat, it became an INSTINCT after playing for many many years

  • I remained calm and level headed in tough situations - I NEVER went on TILT!

  • I was extremely patient, always waiting to get my money in with the best hand

  • I went into the game confident and ended the game confidently.


90% of online omaha players go in with the assumption that they are going to LOSE.  They are playing for fun, and just like the casino many of them are preoccupied, intoxicated, or tired.  It is your job to capitalize on these players and WIN! 

After winning huge pots night after night I started to realize playing omaha is what I WANTED to do.  I wanted to completely learn every aspect of the game and learn how to dominate day in and day out.  I decided if I was going to be able to bring in a stable income playing omaha I needed to learn how to consistently beat omaha high only and omaha high/low day in and day out.

I went on a mission to learn EVERY aspect of Omaha and player tendencies. 


For the past year I've been studying the following:

Omaha Cash Game Strategies

Omaha Bankroll Requirements

Omaha Player Tendencies

Omaha Rakeback

Omaha ROI  (Return on investment per hour)

Omaha Advanced Play

When It's Time To Move Up Stakes In Omaha

How To Consistently Win Playing Pot Limit Omaha, Just like A 9-5 Job


You see...

For the past year when I've sat down to play Omaha I've had an average win rate of over $400 per session.

You do the math, that is over $50.00 per hour in an 8 hour work day!  You can start rolling in this cash also after just the first time reading the omaha dominator strategy!

How would it feel it you got a check like this every week from playing omaha online?


Using My Unique Omaha Dominator Strategy You Can Make REAL, Practically GUARANTEED Money Night After Night!

I've studied EVERY aspect on how do you play omaha with the best odds and put everything in an easy to read guide anyone can understand.  It doesn't matter if you know nothing about omaha or you are an expert, this guide is for you!  You could be a breakeven player, constant losing player, or a winning player.  My guide will boost any level player to the next level. 

This guide will set a plan for you that you can STICK to and finally make stable money playing omah.

I know some of you may say, "But I'm not trying to make 100% of my income through omaha, I just want to win when I play!"

I COMPLETELY understand and actually agree.  Being a professional omaha player is not easy.  I've been extremely fortunate and thankful to be where I am today.  If you're just trying to be a consistent winner part-time or when you play, this guide will also benefit you very well. 

No longer will you have to click the "Deposit" button when you first sit down onto your computer.  Instead, you'll be deciding whether or not to withdraw your winnings, or move up to the next level of omaha cash games.

With the guide below...

  You'll be armed with EVERYTHING you need to dominate Omaha today! 

This easy to follow guide will easily teach you how to dominate Omaha cash games day in and day out!


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I don't know how to play Omaha, will you teach me how to play?

A: Yes!  Don't worry we will teach you how to play the game like a PRO!  You will go from beginner to EXPERT raking in huge pots in a very short period of time!

Q: Do you really win everyday you play Omaha?

A: Nobody wins everyday, and if they say they do then they are outright LIEING to you.  However, I haven't had a losing MONTH in close to 3 years now.  I have stuck to my plan and it has definitely worked out for me.

Q: Is omaha illegal in the USA now? Will I get arrested if I play online?

A: No, the government has taken steps against the payment processors, but never the players.  To this day, there has never been an online omaha player arrested by the government.  Neteller was the only payment processor that experienced problems with the government yet they were still able to pay all their customers. 

Q: Isn't a lot of luck involved in omaha?  What happens when I follow my plan, push hard on the flop with the nuts, but get sucked out on?

A: This is what omaha players call variance. It happens to all of us, but if you stick to your game plan in the end you will be the overall winner.  We will teach you how to play winning omaha that will keep you winning month after month.  In the end poker is 75% skill and 25% luck.  Omaha isn't the lottery we are playing here, this is a SKILL game.

Q: Which site do you recommend I play on?  Who gives the best bonus's?

A:  While there are many poker sites to play on, there are only a couple we recommend playing on due to their stability and track record.  The best is Full Tilt Poker.  If you haven't signed up yet, be sure to sign up through the link above to receive the 100% bonus on your deposit we have worked out with Full Tilt Poker for our players only. There are bad apples out there, so make sure you follow this chapter closely.

Q: Will this information work with any poker room such as Pokerstars or just Full Tilt?

A: This information will work with ANY online poker room.  While we only recommend playing on Full Tilt or PokerStars, this information will work with other omaha rooms.

Q: I have been playing omaha a long time, what can your guide really teach me?

A:  My omaha guide can turn you into a better player.  I will teach you how to examine all parts of your game and figure out where you are weak.  I have helped beginners to professionals.  By following my Sit-N-Go Guide I guarantee you will turn into a better, more disciplined player that will win an actually hourly rate playing.

Q: I need a omaha coach, can I hire you?

A: Sure, I have coached beginners and professionals.  I promise after a couple hours with me you will be a much better all around player.

Q: What exactly do I get by purchasing this package?  Is this your latest book and package?

A: You receive my award winning Omaha Dominator Strategy!  I've put a LOT of work and effort into this new omaha guide and I'm very proud to finally release it.




If you completely follow my guide I will turn you into a omaha dominator machine.  There is no reason why you should not be able to make a great income from poker month after month.  I will teach you how to read your opponents, the right hands to wait for, the right situations to wait for, and my poker philosophy that has taken me from rags to riches. 

I play omaha roughly eight hours a day, every day.  There are days that I do not win any money, but there has never been a month go by in the last two years where I have lost money.   I will teach you my methods that will ensure you are a long term winner from now and the rest of your omaha career.

If you follow my guide completely and do not show profit over two months, I will completely refund your money. 

I have successfully sold my omaha dominator strategy guide to many omaha players and have had less then 2% ask for a refund.  Why is this?   I completely explain how to easily win playing omaha day in and day out.  After reading my guide, you will sit down at the table with confidence and WIN.



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Check out our latest testimonials from players that have bought my course:


  Louis Beck from Atlanta, Georgia

I was getting killed on the turn and river day in and day out!  After reading your guide I have learned so many ways to avoid losing my entire bankroll to bad beats and I have become a much more profitable Omaha player.  I could not have done it without you!  Thanks man!



  Chad Lexington from Peoria, Illinois

I have bought many online Omaha courses and wasted thousands of dollars on omaha coaching until I found your site.  After reading your guide for the first time I profited slightly over $200.00 after just my first session!  Thank you so much and I am looking forward to seeing how much I make this entire year!


  Larry Wright from Charlotte, NC

The Omaha high/low part of your guide was simply phenomenal.  I was able to repair all the leaks in my game and I also learned I was playing way to many hands!  I am now profiting almost everyday from your startegy.  I honestly can't thank you enough!



What has playing poker done for me?

Able to move out into my own place!  Feels great!

Brand new car!! 

Paid for college completely.  At least I have something to fall back on now!

Bought a House

Financial Freedom and the ability to quit my 9-5 job!

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I hope you truly see the value I have put together for you today.  This course could really change the way you look at poker completely different.  It's time to stop gambling and start winning.

All the best,

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